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Caring for your child from birth to 18 years old

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Offices in Warner Robins, Fort Valley & Perry

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Our variety of services is second to none

One of the things that makes Pediatric First distinct is the wide variety of services we offer. From x-rays to EKGs, we have the most up-to-date and sophisticated equipment in order to fulfill your health care needs. Don't trust another provider who will send you around for diagnostic testing!

Our technicians our highly trained

All of our staff operating our equipment have completed the highest levels of training and licensing. We only trust the highest level of competency with our staff to ensure the highest quality care is being provided, guaranteeing you the right care for every situation. We also child visit from newborn to 18 years.

We are fully equipped to handle your child's need

Whether you just need to see a physician, want your regularly scheduled immunizations, or need a full diagnostic work up, Pediatric First is here to help. With our highly trained professionals equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and modalities, we are optimally positioned to take care of all of your healthcare needs. Our services include:


•   Well child visits from newborn through 18 years

•   Wellness checkups and sports physicals

•   All types childhood sickness and diseases

•   Immunizations

•   Treatment for minor injuries

•   Care for special needs children

•   Mental health and ADHD care

•   Nutritional counseling,

•   Laboratory and x-ray services

•   Asthma management

•   Vision and hearing, and dental screening

•   Sick Visits

•   Sports and camp mphysicals

•   EKGs and lung function test 

•   Minor surgeries including laceration repair and newborn circumcision

•   Pre-op clearance

•   Prenatal consult

We are locally owned and equipped for the majority of our diagnostic needs on site!

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Ped First Dr.

Labs: CLIA waived tests including rapid streptococcus test, flu test, RSV test, mononucleosis test, pregnancy test, urine analysis.


In the Warner Robins office, we are also able to offer CBC test and x rays on site.


In-patient services:


We admit our sick pediatric patients to the Pediatric Unit at the Houston Medical

Center. We also attend deliveries for new born resuscitation as needed and provide newborn care at the Nursery at the Houston Medical Center. We have

consulting pediatrician privileges at the Perry Hospital and the Peach Regional Medical Center.